Website not working?

We'll fix it in as little as 1 hour. Really.

We repair WordPress, Joomla, Magento, PHP based and Shopify websites. It's all we do, and we're the best at it.

We Repair Websites & Clean Infections.

Website hacked? We understand that downtime means lost sales, angry customers and clients. We can fix your website today!

Core Cause Repair

We don't just fix the effects of a hack, we repair the root cause when applicable . We can repair any website, not just WordPress. (although WP is our specialty)

Site Repair Follow Up

When we are done repairing your website, we take steps afterwards to ensure you have the information you need to prevent similar issues from happening.

Proactive Security

We install plugins or software when applicable to help prevent future events. We make custom recommendations based on how you manage your website.

PROFESSIONAL 100% Money Back Guarantee

We Repair Your WordPress, Magento, Shopify or Joomla Website

When it comes to fixing your website, you really only have two options. Fix it yourself, or hire someone to fix it. Repairing your own website may save you some upfront costs, but often times fixing the visible issues don't repair the core problem. When you hire us to repair your site, we take notes and compile a small after action email so that you know what the core issue was. We'll outline any steps taken to help alleviate potential future concerns of the same origin.

Our competitors are often cheaper, but they bring with them their own set of concerns. We are a bit more costly because we do the job correctly, explain what to do to prevent it, and guarantee you'll not be attacked by the same method again. (or the repair is free*!)

* As you followed our instructions and security guidelines shared at the time of repair. 

We specialize in WordPress repair

WordPress has become the #1 CMS (content management system) in the world in terms of volume and accessibility. Because of that, it also holds the title of "The Most Attacked" system as well. With over 50,000 plugins, by thousands of authors, it's easy to see why WordPress is more susceptible to hacks and cross site scripting. If your WordPress system has been infiltrated by nefarious users or you are noticing content populating in places you didn't put it, we can help.

How To Get Your Site Fixed Quick

  • Go through our fast, encrypted checkout. This will gather all the info we need.
  • Pay for the repair ( it includes 2 hrs ). In 99% of cases, that's all it takes.
  • Sit back and watch your site get repaired! We'll email you when completed.

    “...helped us through hack attacks, malware, data recovery and so much more.”

    Justin V.

    Ignite Local inc.


    Malware Removal

    SQL injections, PHP backdoors, XSS, you name it - we fix it. We find the core issue and help make things right again

    White Page of Death

    These white pages produce seemingly no hints. We troubleshoot the sources and fix any related issues.

    Code Leaks & Errors

    Do you have errors or code showing on your site? This is often due to conflicts and bad coding. We will repair it for you.

    WordPress Issues

    We really can fix ANY WP issue, and guarantee it. We know WordPress systems very well and can have you up in no time.

    500 Page Errors

    These dreaded errors are pervasive. Your visitors aren't happy - but luckily We can solve the riddles and fix the root causes.

    Timeouts & Crashing

    Certain pages crashing? Forms not submitting correctly? Yes, we can help with those issues and more.

    XSS Attacks

    Cross site scripting happens when another site has a doorway to your site via different methods. We clean and clear.

    Web Server Issues

    Apache htaccess problems? nginx rewrite issues? Litespeed won't stay running. MYSQL / MariaDB? We can fix that too! **

    Don't worry if your fix is not specifically listed here. If we can't fix your site - we refund all of your payment. SIMPLE.

    ** Initial repair purchase includes up to 2 hours of troubleshooting and repair. We'll let you know if things will take longer, but generally, 99% of our repair actions happen in the first 2 hours allotted.


    • Full refund if we are unable to fix core concern.
    • Not satisfied with the fix? Let us know so we can help.
    • Proactive support to help prevent future hacks

    Ready to get your website fixed?

    There are no recurring monthly fees or memberships dues!  This is a one time fee to fix your site ASAP.

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